The Superstar

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The Superstar
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Daniela is looking forward to soccer season. Not only are the Bay Park Rams a great team, she gets to play alongside her best friend, Rinad. And then there’s Kennedy—the newest member of the team—who might just be the best soccer player Daniela’s ever seen! But not everyone on the team feels the same way. When Rinad is benched in favor of Kennedy, Rinad partially blames Daniela. Suddenly, more than team chemistry is on the line—can Daniela’s friendship with Rinad survive the team’s new superstar?

Review from Kirkus Reviews
Reluctant readers are “…likely to gobble up the entire series and become readers in the process, ready, perhaps, for more sophisticated fare such as Kwame Alexander’s Booked (2016) and Edward Bloor’s Tangerine (1997). Simple, literate soccer stories that just might turn soccer fans into readers.”

Review from Voya
“The Kick! series follows teens through realistic day-to-day issues all presented within high school soccer action. These short, well-written stories will pull any reader—reluctant and avid—into the series. The situations and characters in each volume ring true. It will be difficult to keep copies on the shelf.”

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