LOST - A Tale of Survival by Chris Kreie

Lost: A Tale of Survival

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LOST - A Tale of Survival by Chris Kreie
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Illustrations by Marcus Smith

Every summer, Eric and his dad head to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota. This year, Eric brought his friend Cris, and the boys want to explore the wilderness on their own. When they set out in their canoe, Cris and Eric promise to return before dark. But shortly into the trip, the river turns violent and Cris is injured. Now, Eric must race against time to find the camp and save his friend.

What are readers saying about Lost?

Lost was one of the best books I’ve ever read. The pictures were awesome and the book made me feel like I was in the forest or in a canoe. If you’re looking for a good book, get the book Lost!”
– Zach, Eden Prairie, MN

“If you came in to my room while I was reading the book Lost and asked me question, I would not answer. I would keep on reading because the book was so good! I really liked the pictures. I liked the enthusiasm of how the author wrote the book. I liked how it was easy to read.”
– Jake, Minnetonka, MN

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