Casey Takes to the Cape

September has quickly come and gone. As a teacher, it’s safe to say that September is perhaps the craziest, busiest and fastest month of the year. What seems like only days ago – returning to work, a week of meetings, seeing friends after months away from school – is now well in the rearview mirror as my colleagues and I have dug back into the trenches and have established our new routines with new kids and new teammates. With all this chaos, September is not a great month to get much done as a writer. At least not for me. I gave myself the “month off” knowing that getting back into the swing of things both as a teacher and as a parent of two high school kids would be plenty to occupy my days. Writing, for the sake of my family and my sanity, could wait.

sponsor-logos-capecodbaseballleague-400x194The project of most importance moving forward into the fall and winter will be continuing the story of Casey KC as he has new adventures in the Cape Cod Summer League. The book is tentatively entitled Casey Cape Cod. Original, right? My family and I traveled to the Cape when our kids were very little, and the memories of that trip and the beauty of the Cape have stuck with me. At the time I had read a book called The Last Best League, a nonfiction book about the lives of several college ball players spending the summer on Cape Cod and playing in one of the premiere summer leagues in the country. I loved the book, which led us to take in a Chatham A’s game while on our vacation. The game and the league completely epitomized the small town, good old days of our national past time. This is the universe in which Casey will live. What I’ve written so far I like, and I’m anxious to dive back in and give Casey a fun, yet challenging time in this league made up of 20-year-old college stars. Casey, again, will be the classic fish out of water.

Regarding the business side of things, royalties continue to trickle in for my first independently published novel, Casey KC. It’s definitely a slow burn and somewhat frustrating, yet at the same time I had no illusions that the story would be an overnight success. Playing the long game is the way to go, according to everyone I follow in the independent publishing world. I’ll keep plodding away, I’ll keep writing, and I’ll look for marketing opportunities when they come. I have plans to further promote the book for awards and reviews and to visit schools or libraries when I have the chance. My hope, based on the success I had last spring, would be to travel to Royals’ territory – Kansas, Missouri, or Nebraska – during spring break once again this year to promote the book. My time in Kansas last year was incredibly rewarding from both a business and personal perspective. I would love to try and replicate that experience again. A bit of bad news though, the Royals will not repeat as World Champs. They had a somewhat lackluster year by their standards and missed the playoffs. Maybe they truly do need Casey afterall!