Casey KC

Casey KC

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Casey KC
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Little League ball player Casey Conrad has suddenly made it to the majors. It’s his superhuman eyesight and uncanny ability to predict pitches that have gotten him there. Twelve-year-old Casey can read every lip curl, nose wiggle and eyebrow raise made by the opposing pitcher to know exactly what he’ll be throwing next. Seeing the spin of the baseball the instant it leaves the pitcher’s hand doesn’t hurt either. Casey has never stuck out – ever.

Casey’s dreams come true when he becomes the youngest player in MLB history and earns a spot with his hometown Kansas City Royals. But after the manager directs him to use his talents in ways that violate the unwritten rules of baseball, Casey becomes the most hated player in the majors. Fans around the country consider him a cheater. With pressure from his manager, teammates, rabid reporters and millions of hostile fans, Casey must face his fears, including the biggest one of all – his fear of striking out.

Review from ReadWonder
“…this is the perfect story for the middle-grade reader.  It is action-packed, fast-paced, and full of lots of surprises.  If you have a reader that is into sports, and especially baseball, then this is the book for them.  The novel could also make for a solid read aloud because each chapter leaves the reader wanting more of the story.”
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Casey KC

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