Blood Moon, Writing and Millions of Women

9781512427721fc_large-1Blood Moon is upon us! My newest book, this one a young adult novel aimed at middle school and high school students, was released in January. I’m very excited! The book is geared for reluctant readers and is meant specifically for high schoolers and middle schoolers who might be struggling readers or are the type to say they don’t really like reading. I’m hoping this book will be a big hit with that crowd. Blood Moon is a scary story about four teenagers who drive up the Pacific Coast Highway on the night of a rare blood moon, who get forced off the road by a driverless pickup truck and who must fend off evil spirits in the forested mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Don’t read it before bed!

Recently Blood Moon received a review from Kirkus Reviews. It was a solid review. Not starred, but mostly positive. The part I’ll take to the bank and save for my obituary was this – “…reads like a Goosebumps book for teenagers.” R.L. Stine, give me a call. Let’s do lunch! Read the entire review here.

In other writing news, I have been busy on the computer almost every day after work and for several hours each weekend. I am nearing the final stages of a young adult novel about a girl who becomes the kicker for her high school football team. I’ve also recently signed on with my publisher to write three more YA novels, each of these existing in the world of high school soccer. I’ll have my hands full these next few months and will have to do my best to say “no” to most things beyond work and writing. But, I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can always sleep during the summer!

16142769_10211743988176040_3345603302127394166_nFinally, when a million women get together in one place and you have the opportunity to be right smack dab in the middle of it, my advice to you is “Go for it!” This was the chance I had in January when my 17-year-old daughter Sammie and I hopped a plane for our nation’s capital to take part in the Women’s March on Washington. Politics aside, I can tell you this was an incredible moment. Not only did we march down Pennsylvania Avenue with mobs of women in pink P-hats, but we also hung out in D.C. on inauguration day. That, too, was a trip. Rather than a march of a million like-minded folks, inauguration day was a mashup of folks in red hats, others dressed from head to toe in red, white and blue, and still others congregating in impromptu, small(ish) protests. The dichotomy we felt between the scene on Friday and the scene the day after was striking. The best part of the whole thing was that the Women’s March was completely peaceful. The mob never got out of hand and folks went out of their way to be gracious to police officers and military personnel who were there to keep things under control.

The memory I will cherish most was doing the march with Sammie. Both of us cried on more than one occasion, we shouted and chanted and marched together, and we felt the awe of D.C. on inauguration weekend. We celebrating doing our part and exercising our most cherished 1st amendment. It’s an interesting time in our country’s history, to say the least, and I feel blessed and grateful to have had this moment and to be able to look back on it for the rest of my life.