Behind the Plate by Chris Kreie

Jake Maddox books

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Behind the Plate by Chris Kreie
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Illustrations by Sean Tiffany

These best-selling sports stories are a hit with boys and girls alike! Pumped-up, easy-to-read stories with an emphasis on speed, skill, and fair play. The boys and girls in these books face obstacles on the gridiron, the court, the ice, or the half-pipe, and meet mental and social challenges as well. Readers discover that an athlete’s inner game, persistence, and courage are just as important as a steady hand or a chance for a goal.

I feel extremely privileged to be one of the ghost writers who authors the Jake Maddox books. Growing up playing all kinds of sports from basketball to cross-country to tennis, these books have been a blast to write!

Praise for Jake Maddox books

“I have such an incredibly diverse group of students speaking 35 languages, from 47 countries, and totaling 882. You would be shocked at the wide diversity of students who are reading these titles. Students casually picked up a title and sauntered off to read. Before their classes left, they raced up to check out the books.” – Diane Chen, School Library Journal blog

“These sport-themed novels provide a lot of bang for your buck and are perfect for reluctant readers.” – School Library Journal

“I recommend that every library have the Jake Maddox books for their boy readers. The boys that come to my library can’t get enough of this series and eagerly grab at any new ones that come in.” – Puget Sound Council

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