A Kick Out of It

The CaptainAs I write this, a winter storm is bearing down on the Twin Cities. My school in Eden Prairie, and my hometown school in St. Louis Park, both enjoyed a rare snow day today. And with more snow on the way tonight, it’s possible we may get to lay around for few more before heading to school tomorrow morning. I love the snow, and I’ve loved many opportunities to cross-country ski over the past month, but let me tell you…I’m ready for spring.

On that note, with thoughts turning to the outdoors and green grass, I have three new young adult soccer books just out. They are The Natural, The Superstar and The Captain and all are part of Darby Creek’s The Kick! series. These books are shorter chapter books, aimed at teens but written at an easier reading level. They are great for reluctant readers or young people whose reading level lags a little bit behind their peers. The series has received a positive review from Kirkus. I’m extremely proud of these books and hope you’ll consider getting your hands on one of them soon!

I find myself these days in a rare break from writing deadlines. Ever since last summer I’ve had one type of assignment or another hanging over my head. My most recent project being an alien invasion story for Darby Creek that I wrapped up in January and that will be published next spring. The break feels nice. Of course I’d like to have a project in the works, but I’m enjoying the time to look back on past story ideas and dream a little of the next thing I’d like to write. Today, sitting at home under a blanket with a cup of coffee and the music playing, was an especially good day to go through my files and see if any old ideas sparked some new excitement. Happily, a few of them did. I’m not exactly sure which project will jump to the top of the pile, but it’s fun to have a little time to think about it. If all goes according to plan, I’ll settle on a story idea soon and look to the summer for some high quality writing time.